Muscarella – Residence
Lincroft, NJ

This newly constructed townhouse was designed with an open floor plan centered around the heart of the home, the kitchen. The grey cabinetry paired with a mosaic backsplash in the same color family as the subtle grey tone on the walls were blended to exude a warm and inviting atmosphere. White granite countertops with beautiful muted brown veins create a painterly contrast with the dark chocolate wood floors, giving this kitchen and entire living space its modern flair.

The monochromatic design sets the tone for its classically enduring style achieved with sophisticated arm chairs in a white upholstered fabric, flanking a vintage leather sofa, and nestled over a white modern speckled area rug. Polished stainless steel within the light fixtures and side tables allow for a reflective eye-catching touch. Together both design and the natural light that floods the room enhances the open and airy feeling of this space, achieving and capturing a timeless beauty.